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I am a researcher currently specializing in the sounds and cultures of contemporary, electronically-produced dance music. I work as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Musicology, University of Oslo, in Norway. My PhD is from the University of Edinburgh. My background is in Western classical/art music composition and performance. I am originally from Sydney, Australia.

Past: My previous research addressed some of the sonic and social triggers for dancing in club settings.

Current: My project in progress (2015–2018) is about gender and intersectionality in electronic dance music cultures, especially as they manifest in the experiences and practices of DJs. It is a primarily interview-based project, but includes some fieldwork, and is conceptually exploratory. The case of contemporary dance music is my starting point for addressing some of the broader historical, legal, political, and cultural mechanisms that promote or hinder equal participation in musical cultures.

Future: My next project explores social justice through the concepts of equality, diversity, and accessibility in musical communities.

I am a founding committee member of GeMus: Gender and Music Network.

My work as a DJ is integral to my research.